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Review: Thy Despair – The Song Of Desolation

After many years of experience spanning numerous live performances, EP releases, and even a name and lineup change (formerly known as Thoughts Of The Desperate), Thy Despair presents their first full-length album titled “The Song Of Desolation” of the hand of Rockshots Records where they display a Symphonic Metal with a remarkable lyrical, vocal and instrumental quality led by Nephilim, its founding member and the female voice of Elin.

Thy Despair with this release brings us compositions under a high quality production that allows us to appreciate each instrument in the purest way. Highlighting Alex’s powerful drums, Navka’s epic keyboard symphonic arrangements, the strength of Anton’s bass frequencies complemented by Strike’s melodic and memorable guitar solos. A great instrumental base for the guttural voice of Nephilim (Who also plays great riffs as a rhythm guitarist) and the lyrical singing of Elin that shines strongly in songs like «The Free One» that opens the album and serves as a prelude to show everything that awaits us as each song passes, taking us to moments as Elin’s monumental vocal performances in songs like “Last Breath” and «Falcon» along with Nephilim’s gutturals.

The lyrics of this great album are strongly influenced by legends, personal experiences and the wars that occurred in the East of Ukraine, the band’s native country. Through which the band seeks to convey a message where strength and freedom prevail in the most difficult times.

The Song Of Desolation will finally be released on May 8, 2020 distributed by Rockshots Records and both the Ukrainian and worldwide Metal fans are in for a treat with this release that will give a lot to talk about in the future.

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Track Listing:

1. The Free One
2. Sabbath
3. Fear and Despair
4. Burned By Love
5. Last Breath
6. War
7. Army of Dead
8. Falling Star
9. Ghost Rider
10. Falcon

Album Credits:
Lyrics by Nephilim
Composed by Nephilim
Arrangements by Strike, Navka, Alex, Anton
Cover by Elin
Art by Elin
Cover photography by Katerina Vorona
Band photography by Mary Kiper
Mixed and mastered by QWERTY Records
Cover model  – Elin

Band members:
Elin – Vocals
Nephilim – Vocals / Guitar
Strike – Guitar
Navka – Keys
Alex – Drums
Anton – Bass

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