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Whitechapel: A Decade Of Corruption

Back in 2010 Whitechapel was living a great moment in their musical career coming from the release of their magnum opus This Is Exile, an album that represented a great growth both in popularity and in quality of execution and musical composition of the band, putting them on the absolute top of the Deathcore subgenre. But how would they continue this? They knew perfectly well how: Breeding a new level of musical violence with their third studio album A New Era Of Corruption.

This is a much more violent, hateful and darker album compared to its predecessor, focused on dystopian lyrics that mainly express how the world is plagued by evil people who manifest their corrupted nature from different spheres such as religion, politics or simply violence. Very dark aspects of mankind that get worse over the years and seems to have no end. 

These thematics are perfectly set by a devastating instrumental work that not only gives greater continuity to the relentless work achieved in This Is Exile, but also has greater strength by adding elements not previously seen in the 2 previous albums such as the use of 8-string guitars on songs like “Devolver” and “Single File To Dehumanization”. Where the power trio of guitarists made up of Ben Savage, Alex Wade and Zach Householder presents crushing riffs and memorable melodies accompanied by the powerful bass of Gabe Crisp and Kevin Lane on drums, who does an outstanding work on tracks like «Unnerving» and «The Darkest Day Of Man». Closing his participation in the band on a very high note as this is his last album as a member.

Although his two previous works consolidated them as one of the main pillars of Deathcore, with this album Whitechapel chooses to break the mold established by this subgenre, creating very dynamic songs such as «Reprogrammed To Hate» that features the collaboration of Chino Moreno from Deftones and “Murder Sermon”, a very versatile song that has great rhythm changes and even acoustic passages, also counting on the participation of Vincent Bennett from The Acacia Strain.

Another very remarkable aspect in this record is once again the vocal work of their singer Phil Bozeman, who although in his previous works earned his place as one of the most respected vocalists in the game once again raised the bar of quality, taking a very different approach to previous albums, opting to improve aspects such as pronunciation so the album’s message would come in a much more direct way. Without neglecting his characteristic guttural brutality in songs like «Necromechanical» and «End Of Flesh», making this album one of his most brutal and technical vocal performances to date.

Given the messed up situation in which the world currently is, this album gains a huge premonitory sense 10 years later, since at the time of its release, the lyrics pointed to a future corrupt where the world is a bitter place plagued by devolved souls frozen in time, corrupted by ignorance and hypocrisy. 

Looking back to this amazing work, A New Era Of Corruption is one of the defining points of the band’s trayectory, because with this album Whitechapel started an endless path of versatile experimentation that would become later a heavy mark of their sound, leading them into a valley of musical greatness that gives us great expectations about their future releases.

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