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Review: Monumentum Damnati – ‘In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King’

Emerging from Eastern Europe and under the distribution of Satanath Records, Monumentum Damnati brings us their debut album titled In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King. With a style that oscillates between symphonic Death Metal and Doom Metal, they present a solid work strongly based on great melodic arrangements.

Monumentum Damnati immediately impresses not only because of the fact that the band members hide their identities under pseudonyms and they are all scattered throughout Eastern Europe, but also because they have managed to create a very mature and made despite the distance between them. Specially because this is their first full-length album as a band.

This great work starts with an emotional and calm intro titled «The Shining», where the work on the keyboards of Atheme predominate, which progresses in a constant crescendo that gives way to «My Bloody JJ», where the other instruments begin to make presence commanded by Shoggoth and Rapsidis on guitars, Nyarlathotep on drums, Abhoth on bass, and finally Thanatos on vocals, who with a great guttural voice throughout the album blends very well with the band’s majestic instrumental work.

Following with “There’s No Place For Life”, Monumentum Damnati continues with a very melancholic and melodic line where keyboards, symphonic arrangements and guitar melodies shine creating unique atmospheres in each song that despite maintaining the same style does not feel repetitive at any moment. Maintaining a constant force even when going through «Anabiosis», a song where very well elaborated guitar arpeggios predominate.

Upon reaching the song that gives the album its title «In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King» we find very overwhelming riffs embraced by a great symphonic arrangement, creating a song that transmits a very notable emotional strength. Which is also felt by continuing straight into «Infernal Sun», a song that capitalizes on the momentum provided by the previous song although with a slower tempo.

One aspect to highlight in this great work is the constant balance it maintains, because despite the fact that the band has various elements of Doom and Death Metal, it’s not necessary to have the extreme speed of Death Metal or the slow tempos characteristic of Doom Metal to be an enjoyable experience, opting instead for greater strength in the melodies.

This melodic strength is evidenced with great notoriety in «Falling Snow», where once again emotional harmonies of guitar and organ appear accompanied by great rhythm changes and sections with arpeggios, making it one of the most memorable songs of this work. The same formula that is also felt continuing with “Sleepless Anger”, a song that begins with a guitar arpeggio harmonized by the organ and then explodes with force as the drums and powerful guttural voice of Thanatos kicks in.

When the time comes to close the album Monumentum Damnati does it in the most dynamic way possible with «The Exorcist», which like the intro titled «The Shining» is like a kind of nod to horror movies. Ending an album that more than a record work feels like a journey that takes us through snowy mountains and meadows with infernal suns due to the great work in the setting and order of songs that has been established throughout this album.

Monumentum Damnati has managed to create a very solid album, since although there are more memorable songs than others, in general it is a very consistent work that will give much to talk about due to its quality both in production and instrumental work. Therefore, the band should feel proud of releasing a great debut album that opens the door to a great future in the middle of uncertain times on the world stage.

Score: 8.5/10

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